What should I know when I buy a used car ?

Even a well-made vehicle deteriorates if it is not properly maintained. Do not be blinded by the reputation of a particular make or model.

    Always inspect a vehicle in the daylight.
    Carefully check for extreme wear of the upholstery, seats, brake and accelerator pedals. New pedals may signal the car has had a lot of use.
    Look closely at the exterior. Waves on the body could mean bodywork or that the vehicle has been in an accident.
    Take it for a road test that includes driving at different speeds and on different road conditions. The test helps evaluate the steering, brakes, shock absorbers and front-end alignment.
    Ask about the vehicle’s accident history. If there have been accidents, get a written summary of the accident information.
    Ask for the Used Vehicle Information Package.
    Take the vehicle to your mechanic or to a diagnostic centre for a check-up before buying.

You can download a buyer’s checklist from here.